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О себе

About myself

You will read and listen to a Canadian student talking about herself

Before you listen to the story

Step 1. Think of four to six words related to the topic in your first language and, if you can, in Russian. Write them out to check later if they are in the story.

Step 2. Memorize the following words. They will help you understand the story. Click on each word to translate.







Before you read the text

Step 3. Let's do some listening exercises before you read the story. The first exercise will teach you to grasp the information from the flow of Russian words. Read through the following English statements below: some of them are true, some - false. True or false: this is what you should find out while listening. Teach yourself to ignore words and phrases that are not relevant to your task. Now listen to the story and click on the statements that are TRUE.

Download or play sound  Click here to listen to the story

The student’s name is Sara

The student’s name is Victoria

She is a university student

She speaks Russian fluently

She understands Russian a little

She loves Russian food

Step 4. Now you will hear selected sentences from the text. Click on one of the sentences below to match it with one that you hear. Note that you don't have to understand all words in these sentences. With this exercise you will learn an important skill: how to correlate spoken words and phrases with their graphic images. Ok, let's see what you hear.

  Click here to listen to the statement

Я люблю французскую кухню

Я изучаю русский язык

Я живу в Виктории

Меня зовут Сара

Я учусь на втором курсе

Listen and read along

Step 5. It's time to read and listen along the whole story. Click on the headset to listen to a sentence. Click on words to have them translated. Make sure you understand each sentence.

 Здра́вствуйте! Меня́ зову́т Сара. Мне два́дцать лет. Я живу́ в Викто́рии в Кана́де. Я студе́нтка, учу́сь в университе́те на второ́м ку́рсе. Моя́ специа́льностьпедаго́гика. Я изуча́ю ру́сский язы́к, ру́сскую литерату́ру, исто́рию, культу́ру, а та́кже политоло́гию. Я свобо́дно говорю́ по-англи́йски, немно́го понима́ю по-францу́зски и по-ру́сски. Я люблю́ класси́ческую му́зыку и джаз, мою́ ко́шку, бе́лое вино́ и францу́зскую ку́хню.

Step 6. Now read the story above out loud. If you have difficulties pronouncing some words or phrases, listen to them and repeat aloud. Your reading should be fluent.

Step 7. Listen to the whole story while you read along. At this point you should be able to understand what you hear very well. If listening and reading along is easy enough for you, try listening without looking at the written text. Understand almost everything? Good! I have more for you to learn. Click on the pictures to reveal hidden phrases. Have fun!

Finally, let's use the sentence structures and phrases that you have learned to write a similar story based on your own background information. Tell your story to someone who speaks Russian or understands it a bit.

Download or play sound  Click here to listen to the whole story

Print the text, download the sounds. Read and listen while you are traveling.
Show this text in a separate window to print

Download all sentences and bonus phrases from this topic in one zip file

Download individual sentences from the text:
Download   Download or play sound Text01_00_O sebe.mp3The whole text
Download   Download or play sound Text01_01_Zdravst.mp3Здравствуйте!
Download   Download or play sound Text01_02_Menia zovut.mp3Меня зовут Сара.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_03_Mnie 20 let.mp3Мне двадцать лет.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_04_Ja zhivy.mp3Я живу в Виктории в Канаде.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_05_Ja studentka.mp3Я студентка, учусь в университете на втором курсе.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_06_Moja specialnost.mp3Моя специальность – педагогика.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_07_Ja izuchaju.mp3Я изучаю русский язык, русскую литературу, историю, культуру, а также политологию.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_08_Ja svobodno govoriu.mp3Я свободно говорю по-английски, немного понимаю по-французски и по-русски.
Download   Download or play sound Text01_09_Ja libliu.mp3Я люблю классическую музыку и джаз, мою кошку, белое вино и французскую кухню.

Download individual bonus phrases from this topic:
Download   Download or play sound Text01_ph01_Ja mnogo sizhu.mp3Я много сижу за компьютером
Download   Download or play sound Text01_ph02_Ja terpet ne mogu.mp3Я терпеть не могу¹ кофе, но люблю чай
Download   Download or play sound Text01_ph03_Yoga pomogaet.mp3Йога помогает быть в хорошей форме
Download   Download or play sound Text01_ph04_U menia uzhasnyi pocherk.mp3У меня ужасный почерк
Download   Download or play sound Text01_ph05_Uchitsa.mp3Учиться , учиться и учиться!