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Phrasebook Topic 1

Learn how to greet people and say goodbye in Russian

Introduction. Russian letters and sound system
Russian alphabet
Sounds, handwriting, keyboard
Introductory Lesson 1
Reading syllables. Translating This is..., Here is...
Introductory Lesson 2
Reading syllables. Conjunctions и and а
Introductory Lesson 3
Learn Russian hushing and velar sounds. Stress and vowel reduction (а, о)
Quiz 1
Check what you have learned from Lessons 1-3 with this 10 minute quiz.
Introductory Lesson 4
Letters ц,й,ы,и
Introductory Lesson 5
Learn Russian 7-letter spelling rule
Introductory Lesson 6
Learn Russian Hard and Soft сonsonants. Vowel reduction (я, е)
Quiz 2
Check what you have learned from Lessons 4-6 with this 15 minute quiz.
Introductory Lesson 7
Letters ь and ъ. Pronunciation of я, ё, ю, е. Letters к, г, х
Introductory Lesson 8
Unpaired hard and soft consonants. The soft consonant й
Quiz 3
Check what you have learned from Lessons 7-8 with this 15 minute quiz.
Introductory Lesson 9
Voiced and Voiceless Consonants. Devoicing of Final Consonants. Consonant Clusters
Introductory Lesson 10
Pronunciation of г, ч, тся and ться
Phrasebook Topic 1
Learn how to greet people and say goodbye in Russian
Phrasebook Topic 2
Introducing Yourself in Russian
Quiz 4
Check what you have learned from Lessons 7-8 with this 10 minute quiz.

 Лексика                                         Greetings and Goodbyes - Приветствия и прощания

1.1. Saying "Hello!" 

There are different ways of greeting people in Russian. The level of formality in the relationship determines which greeting you should use.
Listen to the most common form of greeting and practice saying it:



This greeting can be used with anyone you meet - strangers, acquaintances, friends.
  • The first в is silent in this word. We spell здравствуйте, but say [здраствуйте].
  • Russians do not use Здравствуйте! with each other more than once a day. Meeting the same person a second time, they will acknowledge him/her with a nod, ask something, or will say Ещё раз здравствуйте! - "Hello again!" (saying only Здравствуйте! a second time suggests you have forgotten meeting the person already that day).

Depending on the time of the day, you may also say: 

Доброе утро!

Good morning!

Добрый день!

Good afternoon!

Добрый вечер!

Good evening!

The informal way of greeting is



It is used with family, friends, classmates - people you know quite well. In addition to Привет! you can also hear:

Как дела?

How are you?  (literally: How are things?)

Как жизнь?

How are you?  (literally: How is life?)


In answer to informal Как дела? or Как жизнь?, Russians usually say:


Everything is good.


Everything is ok. (literally: Everything is normal.)



Так себе!


  • Both Как дела? and Как жизнь? are informal questions. According to Russian etiquette, you may ask these questions if you have already know the person, but not the first time you meet. 
1.2. Saying "Goodbye!"
The most common form of saying Goodbye is

До свидания!

Good bye!

You can also hear:

До встречи.

See you! (literally: Until we meet again.)


The informal way of saying goodbye is



It is used the same way as Привет - with family, friends, classmates, etc.
Reading and Writing
1. Write down all the words for Greetings and Goodbyes presented in this lesson on paper or type them on your computer. 

2. Read them aloud at least three times each. Memorize them.

3. Keep what you have written/typed for future reference.

Practice saying all these phrases without looking at the paper or computer.

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